Enrichment Experiences

Give. Grow. Learn. Have an Unforgettable Experience

Give your group the opportunity to learn, grow and explore—and experience the satisfaction of giving back. At Oasis we understand that life is for living, and that hard-working groups want a meaningful experience when they head off on holiday. That’s why we offer opportunities that appeal to a variety of vacationers. We want your group to have its most fulfilling experience ever.

Oasis Foundation


Giving back to the community is part of our mission, and it can be part of your group’s unforgettable experience, too. For nearly two decades Fundación Oasis has helped improve the quality of life for the people and environment around us; now groups can help others while enjoying a stay in paradise. Whether your group wants to commit to a hands-on visit or donate much-needed resources for us to deliver, Fundación Oasis appreciates your generosity.

Living History


Here in Cancun we take pride in our history and culture. That’s why Oasis is so happy to help guests who want to visit the landmarks of Mayan civilization, like the spectacular ruins of Chichen Itza, the famed pre-Columbian city that’s one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Your group will talk about memories made here for years to come.

Cuisine Dreams


Whether your group wants to master molecular cuisine or just try turning out tapas, Oasis can provide cooking classes and gastro-events to unleash the top chef in everyone. Come into the kitchen, meet our chefs-de-cuisine, get a hands-on demonstration and sample the sublime results: for foodies it just doesn’t get better than this